The Big Tree: Natural History at Camp Birch Hill

The Big Tree: Natural History at Camp Birch Hill. Written by Matt D’Anieri. One cannot tell the vibrant history of Camp Birch Hill without mentioning the eastern white pine tree. These towering conifers greet us everywhere we walk, from the cabins at lower camp, up to the cafeteria and rec hall, and across the fields…

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Blast from the Past: Camp Birch Hill Brochure 1941

If you have ever wondered what camp may have been like in its earliest years, this ‘Birch Hill Camps Brochure’ from 1941 recently discovered on Ebay by camp counselor Thomas D’Anieri will bestow you a glimpse into the past and give you some insight into what kind of place it was like back then. This historical…

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Camp Birch Hill in the 1960’s

In November we posted a blog about Camp Birch Hill in the 1950’s.  Our source was two women that had come to visit camp towards the end off summer who were campers, CIT’s and then counselor from that time period.  They told us stories of long ago and gifted us with some really amazing black…

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The Summer Camp Dogs of Camp Birch Hill

Camp just wouldn’t be the same without our summer camp dogs.  Birch Hill is a family owned and operated summer camp and from the very beginning of the Morell family’s journey with camp, there has been a summer camp dog.  The first dog to roam the fields and forests and swim in the lake at…

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Camp Birch Hill in the 1950’s

Each year, we are lucky enough to have visitors come to camp who were once campers or counselors, some time ago.  Camp Birch Hill (formerly known as Birch Hill Camp) has been a summer camp since the beginning of the 1930’s.  This summer we had a visit from two women named Stephie and Linda who…

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Letters from Camp: A Letter Home from 1930

Who doesn’t love receiving a handwritten letter in the mail? These days in our digitized world, it has become more and more uncommon for people to write a letter, stick it in an envelope and mail it to someone they care about.  If we are so lucky, we relish in the feeling of nostalgia that…

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