Curious what other parents have to say about Camp Birch Hill?


“After researching every sleep away camp in New England online, we decided on Camp Birch Hill for our 11-year old son. We made our choice based on the activities, the goal of having silly fun, and the testimonials. The camp provided so much more than we expected. The diversity of activities allowed him to break out of his comfort zone and try new things. The cabin set up created an instant camaraderie that made it easier for the kids that were attending by themselves. He left feeling close to all of his bunkmates, and even shared some tears on pick up day. He adored and idolized his counselors. They are such a great group of young adults that work together to make the experience for the kids life altering. For example, after the camp there was a noticeable change in our son’s confidence. He struggles with social anxieties and has a hard time being himself. Following the camp he started a new school in a different town, and he quickly acclimated and had no problem making friends . We credit Birch Hill for setting him up for success. A summary of our camper’s review: “the best two weeks of my life, the food was amazing, and I miss everyone!” -Kate and David C, Camper Parents.



My 8-year-old calls Camp Birch Hill EPIC-AWESOME. The counselors and staff quickly made him feel like he was part of the family, and because of the experiences he had at camp he is more independent and his confidence in making decisions has improved.” —Camp Birch Hill Parent

“My daughter adores Birch Hill and treasures her time there, it is a true boost to her confidence. The activities are boundless and the counselors are fantastic. My daughter also has food allergies, and they take excellent care of her dietary needs.” -Camp Birch Hill Parent

“There is no place where my son is happier than at Camp Birch Hill. Ever since he started going there in 8th grade, he has been looking forward to it every year. Camp Birch Hill brings out the best in him!” -Camp Birch Hill Parent

“Camp Birch Hill is an amazing summer camp where kids can truly be kids. This place is a reminder of how life should be lived; in the moment. I wish I went when I was a kid! My child had a great first year, and can’t wait to go back this year. She already started planning her packing list. Thank you Camp Birch Hill, never change!” -Camp Birch Hill Parent

“My daughter, a 6 year Camp Birch Hill camper, wrote this about her favorite place on earth: “Camp Birch Hill is an amazing place full of loving, accepting, people who come together as a big, ridiculous family. Every second at camp makes memories that will stay for the rest of your lives. Absolutely would recommend, 10000000%. Thanks, camp. 11 stars out of 5.” -Camper Parent

“When I sent my 10 year old son to camp Birch Hill, I was hoping he would feel comfortable enough there to call it his second home. Well, that is what Camp Birch hill has become for Tucker. Over the past few years, he has found friends there, enjoyed their sports and had lots of laughs in a place where kids are encouraged to be themselves and appreciate each other for everything they bring to the table. Camp Birch Hill has an environment that blends fun and good times with an appreciation of the world around them. Tucker who loves sports that he can go and play hard and let it all go at the same time. When he came home from camp and told me stories that had him laughing hysterically, you know it’s all good. The staff has always been very available for myself and Tuck and amazing team truly genuine interest in getting to know who he and what he is all about. Comfortable, friendly, safe, free and easy are words that come to mind when I picture Camp Birch Hill. It’s beautiful surroundings and, most importantly, the people who go there, call it a home away from home. I want to thank your incredible team for creating such an extraordinary camp/summer home for the kids!…” -Camper Parent, Larry W. Belmont, MA.