Camp Birch Hill in the 1950’s

Monday, November 6th, 2017

Each year, we are lucky enough to have visitors come to camp who were once campers or counselors, some time ago.  Camp Birch Hill (formerly known as Birch Hill Camp) has been a summer camp since the beginning of the 1930’s.  This summer we had a visit from two women named Stephie and Linda who were campers, then CITs and then counselors in the 1950’s.  During the fifties we were a camp for girls only.  In fact, the only male staff member was the waterfront director!  Many of the same activities that we enjoy today were offered to campers like Stephie and Linda, although the daily schedule was very different.  They told us that in the morning, everyone would do activities on land, such as soccer, field hockey, horseback riding and tennis.  Later, after lunch, the waterfront was open!  As you will see from the photos below, campers enjoyed activities like swimming and sailing.  There were also activities like canoeing and fishing.  

It was so fascinating to hear Linda and Stephie reminisce on what things were like back then.  They told us that because Birch Hill was a camp only for girls their Friday night dance’s were shared with Camp Alton, a boys camp on Lake Winnipesaukee.  The girls would wear curlers all day and when they got ready for the dance they would all borrow each others best clothes, some things never change!  We are excited to be able to share Stephie and Linda’s photos with all of you.  These photos portray a camp life that was very different to the one we know but also in many ways quite similar.  In the mid sixties, under new ownership Birch Hill Camp became co-ed and became what camp is known as today!  To read more on Camp Birch Hill in the past check out our History section on our website here.