Camp Birch Hill in the 1960’s

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

In November we posted a blog about Camp Birch Hill in the 1950’s.  Our source was two women that had come to visit camp towards the end off summer who were campers, CIT’s and then counselor from that time period.  They told us stories of long ago and gifted us with some really amazing black and white photos from their time at camp.  This was very exciting for us.  We love hearing about what camp was like in different time periods and being able to share those stories with our Birch Hill community.  This month we have been corresponding with someone whose father was a camper in the 1960’s.  She told us that Camp Birch Hill is all he ever talks about.  This photo is him playing with his band ‘The Birch Hill Beatles’ when he was 13.