Theme Days at Camp Birch Hill

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Twin Day

              Camp spirit is a fundamental part of day to day life at Camp Birch Hill. The reason everyone loves camp so much is because we have so much fun here! As the inventors of fun we are always thinking of ways to take it to the next level. An age old tradition that always creates a lot fun is our theme days. 

           Theme days happen generally once a quarter (so four times a session) and happen on an activity day. They can be anything at all – the more creative the better. We encourage campers to take part in coming up with new ideas for them. In the past we’ve done: neon day, hippie day, sports day, backwards day, halloween day, mismatched day and crazy hat day. The list could go on forever! 

            Over  the years we’ve thought of so many. However, there’s one day that surpasses all of the theme days in popularity. It’s one that we make sure to do once every session because it’s that notorious. Can you guess what it is? It’s TWIN DAY! We LOVE Twin Day! Campers come and make so many new friends that they create their outfits from what they have in their cubbies. Some campers even come to camp with their twin day outfits planned! We love twin day so much that we created #twindaytuesday so that every week throughout the year we get to celebrate and share the camp spirit by posting twin day outfits from summers passed.


         Above are photos of OUR Session One 2018 Twin Day. Below we’ve put together a collection of Session Two and Session Three 2018 twin day outfits.  If you have any photos at home from twin days passed that you’d like to share, send them in to [email protected] We love seeing your camp photos!

Twin Day Session Two 2018









Twin Day Session Three 2018