Super CIT Spotlight: Divya Gada

Monday, January 22nd, 2018


Tell us about your experience as a CIT:

My experience as a CIT was unforgettable and truly one of the best years I have had at camp.  I met new friends and had a blast. It was everything I knew it would be and more. I met a ton of new campers and counselors. Being the oldest campers meant that I was able to have conversations with counselors and could still goof around with campers. Casa was even more fun than I thought it would be. Even though we had rocky times, we would still jam to Hannah’s tunes in the morning and cry when we had to leave. 


What kinds of things did you learn in your time as a CIT that you feel would help you to become a great counselor?

I learned that being a counselor is harder than it looks. When I was shadowing a cabin, I realized how much responsibility and care each counselor put into their cabin. Every night was a new experience and being a counselor meant that you always had to adapt to the situation. I learned that the campers experience at camp is only fun if the counselors put in 110%. And every counselor this year did. I also learned that camp is only as fun as the attitude you put into it. Everyday, our counselors would have a smile on their face because they knew that their attitude could make or break our days. I guess I learned that patience is a MAJOR KEY at camp. When I shadowed cabin B I saw that Sarah, Rachel, and Chrissy had to have paitence with all the girls in order for the girls to stay happy. All in all I learned that being a counselor is harder than it looks. 


Would you want to be a counselor at Camp Birch Hill?  If so, why?

Absolutely. Birch hill had become my home away from home and ever since I left that first session, all I have dreamed about is being a counselor. I guess it’s because being a camper was so much fun, so being a counselor must be even better. I can’t imagine myself not going back to camp every summer and I know that my application is already signed and ready to go! 


Why do you think camp is an important experience for children to have?

Absolutely! I think that camp is an important experience for children to have because it is a constant learning experience. At camp, you learn new skills and meet amazing people and every kid learns how to work together and make new friends. Also they learn a ton of people skills at camp. I mean they are living with eight other people! Camp, also is a place where you can try just about anything and not care what anyone thinks. I tried waterskiing for the first time and failed a couple times before getting up. But that was the fun in it. Every kid should be able to have a summer camp experience like Camp Birch Hill because it gives them opportunities to try new things and make lifelong friends. I know that camp has definitely changed me and has made me a better person. 


What is your favorite memory from camp?

My favorite memory from camp was sailing and paddle boarding during the day. Sometimes camp would be going by so fast and before you know it we would already be leaving. So I tended to go sailing a lot because it was peaceful and calm. I loved going sailing with friends and counselors and just having life talks.  Another memory was when Adriana, Suzie, and I would always run to get the paddle boards so that we could head out on the water. And then in the middle of the pond we would lay down and just talk until it was time to go back inside.  It was those simple moments that were the best. 



What was it like going from being a camper for years to being a counselor in training?  Did the role feel much different?

It was different becoming a CIT. I felt as though all the campers looked up to us. So when we were acting correctly they would be too. So many times did the counselors tell us that we are the role models for the younger campers. So I get like the role of being a CIT meant more responsibility but also meant that we had a little more freedom. We were gifted more freedom in exchange for the responsibility that was put on us which made the experience all the more fun. 



Divya thank you for taking the time to talk with us and respond with such thoughtful answers!