Sports Broadcasting (Activity Spotlight)

Monday, April 1st, 2024



A roaming improv comedy exercise. Full of interviews, commentaries, and plenty of laughs!


Among the dozens of fun activities at Camp Birch Hill, “Sports Broadcasting” might have the
strangest name… Alphabetically it squeezes into our list of classes between “Sailing” and
“Soccer”, two activities whose name gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect when you
show up. But since Sports Broadcasting sounds a bit more mysterious, let’s take a moment to
shed some light on a beloved classic at Camp Birch Hill:

Campers who arrive for Sports Broadcasting join up with a counselor to become a distinguished
news team. The first step will be equipping themselves with whatever object looks most (or
least) like a microphone. Then this rag-tag group of reporters will travel around camp to sniff out
stories, conduct interviews, and give us all of the commentary that we didn’t even know we
needed! If they choose, some of these brave journalists might even deliver the most critical
headlines to the entire camp when we all gather together before dinner.

Some campers who sign up legitimately love interviewing people and hearing what they have to
say; some are preparing for their future in stand-up comedy; and others are just along for a
good laugh. All are welcome!