S Days at Camp Birch Hill: Festival Day

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Birch Hill Festival Day

Since camp ended earlier this month, we have found ourselves reminiscing back over the summer at some of our favorite memories. The sessions flew by so quickly with all the fun we had that it’s hard to think of just a few. There are SO many!!

During the year as we count down to summer 2019, we are going to be posting some of our favorite memories on the blog. We are starting with Festival Day. This year was the first time in Camp Birch Hill history that we did this and it was a spectacular day! Read on below to hear what kinds of things were happening around camp and to see pictures of all the fun.

Before we get into the details of Festival Day we want to explain what an “S Day” is.

During camp we split each three sessions into four quarters with three days each:

  • Opening Day
  • First Quarter:        B1| H1| S1
  • Second Quarter:   B2| H2| S2 
  • Third Quarter:      B3| H3| S3 
  • Fourth Quarter     B4| H4 | S4 
  • Closing Day


B Days and H Days are ‘activity days’ where campers attend activities from their elective schedule, and S Days are special days’ where they do something different. B stands Birch, H stands for Hill and S stands for Special!  

On an S Day there can be an off camp’ activity planned or an on camp’ activity planned.

Examples of ‘off camp’ S Days are:

              -Hiking local peaks

              -Hampton Beach State Park

              -Fun Town Splash Town USA

              -Ten Pin Bowling

Examples of on camp’ S Days are:

              -Carnival Day

              -Outer Space Day

              -Pirate Day

              -The Amazing Race Day


Birch Hill Festival day was so much fun it left us wondering if it should be an S Day for every session!               

Check out the hula hoopers! We had a professional hula hooper come to camp to teach us how to hoop like pros!


Out on the fields we had an EXTREME slip n’ slide that was super long!



Up at the Wildwood Cafe we had live music performed by our campers, counselors and guest musicians!    


In true festival spirit we had hair weaving and braiding!  


Inside the rec hall campers danced to a silent disco with a professional light show and a DJ!               


 For all the sport enthusiasts we had a big game of Birch Ball happening down on the fields.    


There were bubbles everywhere!


To the left of the stage where the live music was happening we had “live art,” where campers all got involved in painting two big murals in front of the crowd. 


 In the middle of it all campers were scaling the rock wall!


Other activities happening around camp that day were friendship bracelets, a drum circle with professional drummers, a slack line,  tie-dying, dancing and even a bouncy castle!

As you can see, Birch Hill Festival Day was a fun day had by all. We are so excited to do this again next year. Stay tuned on the blog for epic memories from camp!