Evening Program at Camp Birch Hill: Lip Syncs

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Camp Birch Hill Lip Syncs

      Camp Birch Hill Lip Syncs are a tradition that campers can count on enjoying every session of the summer. Camp would not be the same without this epic evening program and the excitement leading up to it. Performing on stage with your cabin mates creates some of the most cherished memories for campers as it gives each cabin the opportunity to bond over being silly together and stepping outside of their comfort zones. There is no other place in the world that kids can feel the camaraderie of having to Lip Sync as a cabin!


The way it works:

      Lip Syncs happen once per session and generally fall on the second or third to last night of the session, giving everyone ample time to rehearse. In the beginning days of each session, every cabin decides on a song that they want to perform. Cabins also have to come up with a choreographed dance and learn the words to their chosen song.


Each cabin is judged on an array of differed mediums:






Lip Syncing


Overall Performance   





Winning the Lip Syncs is a major feat for cabins because it counts a lot towards Birch Hill cup points. Often times, cabins that place first in the lip syncs end up in the running for the cup!

We love Lip Syncs so much at camp and look forward to seeing all the creative performances campers come up with next summer!


Below are more pictures of our 2018 Lip Syncs!