Evening Program at Camp Birch Hill: Friday Night Social

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

The camp social is an age old tradition that dates back to the very early days of Birch Hill in the 1930’s! Each session Camp Birch Hill puts on two Friday night socials for our campers as evening program.  The social always has a different theme that is created by our counselors in training.  Everyone loves getting dressed up whether it’s something silly or something fancy.  In the past some of the themes have been Masquerade Ball, Luau, Escaping the Dentist (random we know, but those CITs can certainly get creative), Birch Hill Red Carpet, Frozen the Movie, Superheroes, Prom Night and much more.  Everyone has an absolute blast!  Often times the whole room breaks out in to a conga line, circle dance, stream line or limbo. Outside campers can get some fresh air, drink some water and pose with their friends by the garden for the camp photographers.  Inside the DJs take song requests and play songs from popular lip syncs giving everyone a chance to relive the awesome performances and try the dance moves themselves.  

Camp life is incredibly fun and busy.  Activities make for long, action packed days.  What makes the camp social so special is that it allows our campers to just enjoy hanging out with their friends and counselors in a social setting as well as getting to show off some of their favorite moves on the dance floor.

We have collected some photos from camp socials over the years. Can you spot your cabin?