Evening Program at Camp Birch Hill: Egyptian Water Polo

Monday, April 9th, 2018


Welcome to another edition of our evening program spotlight!  So far we have discussed Batman vs Superman and Capture the Flag.  Today we are are going to be talking about Egyptian Water Polo.  As you can see from all the photos below, half of the fun of this particular evening program is the theatrics!  

At evening cove it is announced that our EP will involve dressing in theme as a cabin and congregating on the basketball courts after dinner.  When everyone arrives all dressed up we are all told an elaborate story by a chosen counselor dressed as an egyptian prince about the origin of the game.  Afterwards cabins are asked to stand up and present their cabins theme.  Things get pretty silly and there are lots of smiles and laughter.  Afterwards we all head for the soccer field to let the games begin!

The object of Egyptian Water Polo is to work with your team to knock over other team’s cones with soccer balls while keeping your own cone protected. The field will be set up with 6 cones in a dice shape, each cone with an area only a cone protector can be within.  The team who has their cone knocked over the least amount of times is the winner.  Usually three timed rounds.

  1. Rules:

    1. Soccer balls must stay below the waist of the shortest player in the game.  If a ball is kicked higher, ANY counselor can ask the camper to head to jail and complete a task to get back into the game.

    2. Each cone can only have one protector or goalie.  They are the only player who can use their hands to block or maneuver the ball

    3. A referee at each cone will count how many times it has been knocked over. The goalie knocking over their own cone is calculated into the total.

    4. A team can defend their cone by standing outside of the perimeter of their cones area.  They are not allowed inside! 


Thank you for tuning in to our Evening Program Spotlight!