Evening Program at Camp Birch Hill: CI-Trees

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018


Welcome to another edition of our evening program spotlight! Earlier this year we discussed Batman vs Superman, Capture the Flag, Egyptian Waterpolo and our Friday night socials. Today we are are going to be talking about CI-Trees, formerly known as the Great Counselor Hunt.  

CI-Trees is a very popular evening program because campers looooooove getting messy and covering their counselors and CIT’s in mud, paint and leaves. It’s the sort of game that brings out everyones inner child. Who doesn’t love splashing around in the mud?

The way the game works is each cabin is assigned a tree (counselor or CIT) that they need to dress up in camouflage the best they can, so that they can blend in with the trees and bushes around camp. Cabins are sent off with their chosen counselor/CIT to go find whatever they can to make them look like a tree. There’s always a mud puddle to be found somewhere at camp! Campers then look around for leaves and branches to some how attach to their tree, as well as covering them in brown, green, or black paint.

Soon the whistle blows and everyone has to return to the basketball court for the next stage of the game. After showing off their beautiful tree like outfits, the trees are sent off around camp to find the ideal hiding spot.

Aim of the game:

The aim of the game for the trees is to not be found!

The aim of the game for each cabin is to find as many trees as the can! The cabin that finds the most trees wins the game. Cabins can also earn extra points if their tree is never found. 

Below are photos from CI-Trees from this past summer! Keep scrolling and you will find pictures from earlier years.

Check out some of our trees from summers past below!