Evening Program at Camp Birch Hill: Batman vs. Superman

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018


Evening program, also known as EP is how we round off each epic day at Camp Birch Hill.  In our first blog about EP we talked about Capture the Flag.  Now we are here to tell you all about Batman vs Superman.  Campers absolutely love this one and we generally play it towards the beginning of each session.  

The object of Batman vs Superman is to earn “steps” by completing tasks around camp to give to your team leader (either batman, or superman).  The steps are used to complete a foot race around the perimeter of camp between the team leaders.  

The Rules:

Stations are run by counselors from one team, while the other team runs around with their cabin.

Counselors running stations award steps based on how well cabins complete their activity.  The more steps the better.  The game will start with the opportunity to win between 1 and 5 steps.  If the game is moving slowly, it could be bumped to 1-10 steps at the director’s discretion.

Once a cabin completes an activity, campers take the piece of paper with the step number given at the station to their team leader, and they will take the given number of steps forward.

CIT’s will dress in white and are villains who can steal steps by tagging campers.  If the camper in your cabin who is holding the steps is tagged, they must give up their steps.

Campers have to complete and activity to earn steps! Before the game starts each team rallies their players!  Go Team Batman!! Go Team Superman! Part of what makes playing Batman vs. Superman fun is getting to dress up like super heroes!

Who will the game Batman or Superman?!?


Check out out our Evening Program Spotlight featuring Batman vs. Superman on our Youtube Channel!