Camp Birch Hill Weddings: Avery and Jackson

Monday, November 4th, 2019

A magical weekend at Camp Birch Hill Every year when camp comes to a close we open up the property to beautiful couples to fulfill their wedding dreams of getting married at a classic summer camp. This August we were extremely lucky to host the wedding of a gorgeous couple who fell in love at Birch Hill. This was the wedding of Avery and Jackson.

Avery’s family has been a part of the Birch Hill community for many years. Avery and her three sisters all spent their childhood attending Camp Birch Hill. Avery, Mackenzie, and Savannah all became camp counselors after many years of being campers. Their youngest sister Charlotte who finished her CIT summer a couple years ago probably will be one too someday! The groom Jackson is no stranger to Birch Hill either. A counselor of many years, he later moved up into the important role of water front director.

Avery and Jackson fell in love as Birch Hill employees, so it made perfect sense to them to exchange their vows at such a special place. Their wedding was not like any other wedding we’ve had a Birch Hill. They gave their wedding guests the camp experience of a lifetime, much like what our campers experience when they come in the summer. 

The wedding stretched over the long Labour Day Weekend. There were activities planned each day, similar to what a schedule would be like if you were a camper. Each day started with morning cove where they talked about what activities were planned for the day, wrapping up with a big YAHOO! Lickety Splits was open with Birch Hill staff serving up ice cream to the guests, and the waterfront was open for all kinds of water sports and games. In the evenings they sung songs around the campfire and roasted marshmallows. 

Avery and Jackson’s wedding was so beautiful that everyone fortunate enough to bare witness to it will have memories they will cherish for a lifetime. For those of you at home, Avery has shared some of her favorite photos from the weekend. We hope you enjoy them!

Congratulations Avery and Jackson from the Birch Hill Family