Camp Birch Hill Helpful Hints and Camp Packing Hacks

Friday, June 28th, 2019

Opening day weekend is now upon us! We are so excited for our campers to arrive. As they pack their bags for Birch Hill we thought we would help answer any questions you might be having about what to send them off with. If you have questions about how to make the Camp Birch Hill experience the best for your camper and to send them off with everything they need to be comfortable and have fun, we are here to help. The camp line is always open and our wonderful staff are here to answer all your questions. You can call us at 603-859-4525 or email [email protected] Alternatively, you can visit the quick facts section here on our website. For everything else we are going to try and cover as much as we can!

Bicycles at Camp

At camp we have an awesome mountain biking program that offers our campers the opportunity to enjoy cruising around camp, as well as taking trips down own our extensive mountain biking trails. We have bikes and helmets of all sizes to accommodate everyone. If you’re wondering if your camper needs to bring a bike to camp, the short answer is no. However, the camp bikes are reserved for classes. If your camper is wanting a bike to cruise around campus all day outside of activities, they might want to bring their own bike. If your camper does decide to bring their bike to camp, they must also bring a helmet and wear it while riding at all times.

Horseback Riding at Camp

One of our most popular program areas is our Horseback Riding. It is so popular that this year we have made room for another horse to join our stables, giving our campers even more riding time! On our suggested camp packing list (which can be found on our website here ) we suggest campers bring hiking boots or rain boots if they plan to do horseback riding. Campers are welcome to bring their own helmet if they have one, but we do provide helmets for our classes. Last month we published a detailed exposé all about our horseback riding program. If you are interested in more information you can read it by clicking here.

Receiving Packages and Bringing Food to Camp

When sending a package to your camper at camp we ask that you are conscientious about what you are sending and how often. Camp Birch Hill is a NUT FREE environment. In order for camp to be a safe place for anyone who has nut allergies, we ask that everyone complies with our nut free rule. Please do not send your camper to camp or send packages to camp with anything that has nuts in it. Please do not send or bring your child to camp with soda. We suggest you send non food items, a great resource for this kind of thing. If you are worried your camper is going to miss out on having fun, tasty treats aside from the delicious food found in our Wildwood Cafe, don’t worry, we have a canteen that is open during personal choice period. This is where campers can buy candy and snacks. Please be considerate of the other kids in your campers cabin by limiting the number of packages you do send your child, many campers do not receive packages during their stay at camp.

There is a new rule at Birch Hill regarding food. Campers may bring approved snacks, however, they must come stored in an air tight Tupperware container, no larger than a shoe box. Parents of campers who arrive at camp with more than fits in a shoe-sized container will be asked to take it back home with them. 

Camp Packing List Ideas

Packing for camp is a lot of fun! You can find a comprehensive suggested camp packing list on our website here. We thought it might be helpful to go into further detail about some of the other items your camper could add to that list.


Two-in-One Shampoo and Conditioner. Things can get a little crowded in the toiletry department when you’re living with nine others. Having two-in-one shampoo and conditioner can make it easier for your camper to keep track of their items. You can even go as far as three-in-one which not only can shampoo and condition but can be used as bodywash as well!

Detangling Spray. Our favorite brand is Fairy Tales Detangling Spray. This is very useful for getting rid of those knots we all get in our hair while running around all day having fun. The rosemary scented spray doubles as a bug repellant and is our personal favorite.


Shower Caddy with Holes in it. Often times our shower caddy fills up with water and get a bit slimy. A caddy with holes in it lets the shower water run right through, problem solved!

-MP3 Player. Everyone loves their music and these days our phones are where we often get our music from. As you know, camp is a Phone/Screen Free Zone which means coming up with alternative ways to enjoy our music. MP3 players are great tools for this and cost very little. Please do not send your camper to camp with their phones.