2018 Session Three Cabin Photos

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

Boys Cabins and Girls Cabins

We are so excited to share with you our 2018 Session Three Cabin Photos! Here you will find in order from youngest to oldest, the boys cabins 1-Chalet and the girls cabins A-La Casa (one silly photo and one regular photo). In these photos you will see the many friendships formed between cabin mates and the smiles imprinted in our memories of all the great times had at Camp Birch Hill!

Cabin 1

From the top left: Caleb S, Augustin D, Shane B

From the bottom left: Archie W, Briley R, Justice S, Nikolas S

Cabin A

From the left: Larkyn L, Sienna G, Lily L, Phoebe W, Blanche D, Emily R, Jillian W

Cabin 2

From the left: Hyunho S, Evan M, Dylan S, Trey S, Dante’ R, Bodhi M, August N, Benjamin L

Cabin B

From the top left: Gabriella R.O, Alexis F, Sophia B

From the bottom left: Alexandra T, Jolie T, Maya S, Nikol A, Giselle B

Cabin 3

From the top left: Constantine W, George K, Benjamin G

From the bottom left: Michael F, Mason A, Grayson K, Gray F, William S

Cabin C

From the top left: Alexa L, Nora E, Charlotte G, Catalina G

From the bottom left: Audrey M, Eden Z, Lilyana S, Ava C, Lailee J

Cabin 4

From the top left: Eugene W, Felix F.H, Nathan S, John W, Cameron B

From the bottom left: Charles G, Nathan S, Miles W, Owen Z, Cohan R

Cabin D

From the left: Rosie S, Rebekah F, Harper M, Jeanna A, Yuna Y.W, Aspen S, Priya L

Cabin 5

From the left: Orion S, Donald R, Ansel N, Andrew S, Joseph R.O, Keiran P, Theodore J

Cabin E

From the top left: Cathy Q.L, Saere M, Rhys C

From the bottom left: Emma Q,  Janet L, Jiyoon L, Aliyah B, Chloe M

Cabin 6

From top left: Harlan G, Jamie D, Paul N

From bottom left: Joshua B, Noam Z, Varun G, David E, Liam J

Cabin F

From the top left: Julia M, Lily S, Regan G

From the bottom left: Anastasia V, Mary F, Annabelle D, Cambyr S, Jennifer Y.C

Cabin 7

From top left: Jaden M, Troy V.N, Zachary V.N, John D.M, Charlie H

From bottom left: Alexander O, Ethan D, Zach B, Owen D, Alexander G

Cabin G

From top left: Anna K, Anna K Maggie M 

From bottom left: Daphne S, Sarah R.Z, Tatiana S, Elizabeth B

Cabin 8

 From top left: Andrew S, Felix G, Isaac F              

From bottom left: Gavin R, Nicolas K, Christian X, Oliver M, Christopher T

Cabin H

From top left: Rain Q.Z, Maya L, Martina C.W 

From bottom left: Ella D, Charlotte S, Jenna L, Mya M

Cabin 9

From top left: Henry H.D, Josiah C, Samuel R.O

From bottom left: Andres N, Dylan K, Lochland C,  Willian G

Cabin I

From top left: Capucine G, Julia Z, Sarah B, 

From bottom left: Suzanne B, Lucia C.T, Ayla P

Cabin 10

From top left: Elliot D, ConnorT, Gabriel S

From bottom left: Joey A, Emilio C, Anthony T, Aidan T

Cabin J

From top left: Emily M, Kalina T, Trista S  

From bottom left: Taylor C, Camille D, Clementine P, Abby R, Grace V

Le Chalet

From top left: Finn C, John R.M, Max L, Ezequiel R, Fabian H, Alexander R,

From bottom left: Vincent B, Samson H, Lucas W, Aaron A, William S, Ethan C

La Casa

From top left: Jillian D, May H, Willo B, Celina M, Eva D, Lydia B

From bottom left: Olivia P, Susan S, Anna B, Autumn R, Brooklyn L, Mackenzie A