Staff of 2019: Nurse Jenilee

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

We caught up with nurse Jenilee recently and we are so excited to announce that she and her family will be returning to camp for summer 2019! We are over the moon to have them back and we know our campers will be too! A lot has happened for her family since camp ended last year and she has some extra special news to share with our camp families. Read on below to find out!

CBH: How many years have you worked at camp and how many years have your children have attended camp?
Nurse Jenilee: I started working at Camp Birch Hill in 2015. This will be my son Brayden’s fourth summer and my daughter Kayla’s third summer attending.
CBH: What’s your favorite meal at camp?
Nurse Jenilee: My favorite meal at camp is tacos!
CBH: What do you do in the off-season?
Nurse Jenilee: In the off-season, I am a nurse at Lawrence High School in Massachusetts. I also work per-diem as a nurse at a boarding school in Milton, New Hampshire.
CBH: Do you have any fun news or activities you’ve done recently? We know one! 😉
Nurse Jenilee: A lot has happened since last summer. In January, we welcomed our daughter Savannah Elizabeth to our family. Savannah is already preparing for summer camp in 2025!
CBH: What do you love most about being a camp nurse?
Nurse Jenilee: Being a camp nurse is very rewarding! I love watching the campers return year after year and seeing them grow!
Below are pictures of Jenilee’s beautiful children.

Jenilee’s children Brayden, Kayla and baby Savannah.

Beautiful Savannah, welcome to the Birch Hill family!