2024 Theme Days – Packing Advice for Camp

Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Some of the most common questions that we get every year are about what to pack for a session at camp. Though we always send out a comprehensive packing list with the essentials, families who are familiar with summer camp know that special events where everyone is invited to dress up according to certain themes are quite common. Those who don’t like wearing different clothes should know that it is low pressure! However we encourage everyone to come with an open mind because theme days are a fun way to immerse and express ourselves or just enjoy a laugh.

If you don’t pack anything to fit a theme, that’s OK. Here at Camp, we have a well-stocked Arts & Crafts Pavillion that has always been a great resource for campers looking to go all out for a theme. So no need to stress over what to pack, especially because many of the events will be equally surprising for everyone! But for those wondering what to expect or who love dressing up and want to come prepared, here are a few sneak peaks for this summer:


Every Session

Evening Program Games

Every session we will play giant games in the evening like Capture the Flag. For many of these games, cabins will be told to dress in a certain color so that everyone knows who is on which team. If you don’t have that color, you can always get creative with paint or bandanas. However, campers who bring something white, black, red, blue, and green will be pretty prepared for whichever team they end up on!

White T-Shirts

This isn’t a theme day, but rather a recommendation of an easy item to pack that can be decorated for any theme that might arise. They also are great for tye-dyeing!

Twin Day

We typically do a twin day every session. Not much to plan for here unless you know someone else going to camp and want to plan ahead. This theme is exactly what it sounds like, campers work with one or more friends to try and match outfits as closely as possible. If you don’t know anyone else coming to camp, no biggie! There will be plenty of other campers and counselors in the same situation who will be excited to twin with you!


Now for some session-specific sneak peaks:

For each session we are announcing one theme related to an event and then one of the Social’s themes. At Camp Birch Hill, Socials are big dance party gatherings that we host every Friday. One of the Social themes for each session is listed below, but the other will remain a surprise and will be picked by the CITs (Counselors in Training) that session. The CITs will get to plan and decorate for the Social and announce its theme to everyone when they are ready.

Session 1

4th of July! 

We’re kicking off the first week of Camp with our 4th of July celebration! We’re gonna play some games, knock some counselors into the dunk tank, and watch the night go out with a BANG!  You know what to do, bring some Red, White and Blue!

Social Theme: Enchanted Forest

Gnomes, and fairies, and snails, oh my! Welcome to the Enchanted Forest. A bizarre place where trees walk, unicorns whisper to flowers, and frogs dance!  Those looking for ideas could dress like a creature, a sorcerer, a lumberjack, or just camouflage yourself in all green and brown.

Session 2

Neon Day!

Take inspiration from a highlighter pack! Time to bust out your favorite hot pink leotard, bright orange safety vest or just a bright colored t-shirt. 

Social Theme: Space Disco

SPACE, the final frontier… of FUNK! We’re blasting off to groove across the galaxy. Whether you’re dressed as an alien, an astronaut, a planet, or just wear some bright disco clothes, it’s gonna be out of this world! Don’t be afraid to be extra. Extra-terrestrial that is! 

Session 3


Muahahahahaha! Who ever said Halloween only comes once a year? And since we’re breaking the rules, we don’t have to choose between trick and treat… We can have them both! You could dress like a favorite character, throw on something spooky, or just wear a goofy outfit.

Social Theme: Retirement Cruise

All aboard, the SS Retiree! Mermaids, pirates and anyone with dentures are welcome. Let’s party like those social security checks just hit!  Go full nautical as a sea creature, dress as a geezer, or just throw on a Hawaiian shirt! 


Check out our mood boards below for each of the Social themes we just announced. These examples are there to provide you with some inspiration and get the creative juices flowing, but please follow your heart! If you don’t have anything that fits your theme, that’s OK; we will always have time to create something amazing in our Arts and Crafts class.


Session 1: Enchanted Forest


Session 2: Space Disco


Session 3: Retirement Cruise